Which Social Platform is Best for Your Practice?

There are many different reasons why medical groups should be taking advantage of digital advertising — specifically, social media. With the number of users growing on these platforms daily, patients are finding new avenues to contact doctors. Social media also gives the opportunity for practices to increase their brand awareness while sharing important (and factually correct) resources.

When it comes to reaching the right audiences, you have to think strategically about what platforms will be beneficial to your practice. Each platform has a different purpose, and understanding each platform will help you create the perfect game plan.  Below are just a few suggestions of which platforms work best for certain specialties and why.

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Pediatrician: Facebook & Pinterest

A pediatrician normally sees a wide demographic: parents, grandparents, caretakers, and anyone else who brings their children in for checkups and appointments. Some potential target markets that may not be as obvious are teachers, nurses, and other school officials. Looking at this target market, we need to decide which platforms they would most likely be active on.

A lot of parents today can be found on Facebook and mothers in particular can be found on Pinterest. Facebook also allows us to target individuals based on their profession, interests, areas, etc. By focusing on these two platforms and posting content that will interest these target markets, pediatricians can expect to see an increase in appointments.

OBGYN: Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest

OBGYN offices only see women, but they vary by age and reasons for making an appointment. We can expect this target market to be interested in women’s health, pregnancy, parenting, menopause, and occasionally, some humor. As stated earlier, women can be found mostly on Pinterest, but that platform won’t lead to the most amount of conversions. Because of this, it is imperative that OBGYN offices take part in Facebook and Instagram! With the great targeting and advertising abilities of these platforms, there should be more clicks to the website and, in turn, more conversions.

Dentistry: Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest

Dentists can have a quirky twist with their content because of the nature of their work. Most people dread going to the dentist, so this allows these practices to have a little fun with their content in hopes to make people feel comfortable. Since the demographic includes every age and gender, it can be easier to target people’s locations and interests. The best platforms to use for these targeting efforts are Facebook and Instagram.

Another platform that could help gather content for dentist visits is Pinterest. This gives patients the opportunity to see a little more of the behind-the-scenes of a dentist’s agenda and other things that relate to the industry.

Physical Therapy: Facebook, Pinterest, & Google+

Physical therapy can be prescribed for many different reasons. Likewise, there are a lot of reasons why your practice should be on social media! The best way to target the proper demographics is to look into all of the reasons that someone would need physical therapy.

Most of the time, physical therapy is performed as a rehabilitative or proactive measure for athletes. This would be the best demographic to target on social media, as they will most likely be the most active. These athletes can range in age, but will often be found on Facebook. Other great platforms to include would be Pinterest for categorizing reasons and Google+ to share informational articles. Google+ users like to see posts that can help them learn something new.

Choosing the Best Social Media Platform

Overall, the best platforms for your practice depend on the demographics and interests of your target markets. It’s a smart idea for all medical practices to be on Facebook, since it’s the best avenue for people to find their practice’s information.

As for the other platforms, you need to look at the platform’s target market. You also want to think about the content that you have to post. If you want to share a bunch of your practice’s latest blogs, you wouldn’t use Instagram to do so. With all of these factors in mind, let Today’s Business help you bring your medical practice to the next level! Contact us today for more information.