The Secret Behind the Best Instagram Captions

In a society driven by social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, the things we post are woven into the very fabric of who we are. In an odd way, there is a subconscious worth placed on us depending on how much attention we receive on these platforms, with Instagram being the most important.

If Instagram is your favorite social media platform, then we can almost guarantee that you’ve struggled with crafting the “perfect” caption before. Instagram can be tricky when it comes to captions, especially when you are trying to generate a lot of likes on a photo. Whether you’re a business owner trying to generate some buzz or you’re looking for tips for your personal account, here are some tips to get those hearts flying.


Be Brief

Most people don’t like to read in general and the same applies for Instagram captions. Chances are people aren’t actually going to stop and read your caption, but seeing a couple sentences as opposed to a large paragraph is a lot more comforting to the eye and will make them more likely to read. Be brief, but don’t abbreviate too much; slang is great, but you want people to actually understand what you are trying to say.

For example, if you visited the Grand Canyon, you don’t need to write about how your brother stubbed his toe on a cactus while looking at his weather app that told him it was 100 degrees outside because his shoes were untied and you got sunburn because you ran out of sun tan lotion. I bet you stopped paying attention in the middle of that sentence. Instead of including every moment leading up to your post, try to let your incredible photograph do (most of) the talking.


Comedy, Comedy, Comedy

You don’t have to be Chris Rock to get in touch with your inner comedian. Everyone likes a good joke or a witty pun. A single word or emoji can be enough if it correlates with your picture the right way. Be aware of what is going on in your picture; even the most serious posts can have the funniest captions if you draw out the right details.

You can never have too many (#bae)sics. #TractrJeans

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While comedy is a great tool for Instagram captions, it won’t work if the joke is overplayed. For example, on your 23rd birthday, do not make the blink-182 reference about how you hope that people still like you when you’re 23. Think outside of the box and come up with something that’s original to the picture you are posting. Give them a smile and they’ll give you a heart!


Consistency is Key

When you go to your favorite Italian restaurant and ask the waiter for Chicken Parmesan, you don’t expect him to bring you out a Big Mac and a side of fried rice, so don’t give your Instagram followers that! Whether you realize it or not, you’ve established your own brand on your account with the photos that you have posted in the past. Your followers are expecting you to give them a certain brand and it will be very obvious to them if you are trying too hard to be something you’re not.

Also, if your posts become consistent and routine, then the likes will become routine as well. People throw you a follow because they enjoy what you’re posting, and if you change that, you risk a decrease in your engagement.


Teamwork makes the dream work! ????

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Know your Audience

A caption only pertaining to you and your circumstances can lose the interest of a majority of your viewers. While a joke may seem clever to you, if it’s one of those “you had to be there moments,” people won’t resonate with your post. This decreases the chances that they will like your photo.

Don’t forget: be smart. There is no need to be raunchy, especially when family members and future employers can look at your content. Try to keep it PG!


Timing is Everything

While being spontaneous with your Instagram posts can be fun and easy, the fact of the matter is you run the risk of losing the opportunity of more people seeing your post. Understand when your users are most likely going to engage with your post, and schedule your posts around these time periods. Oberlo has more details on scheduling posts in Instagram.


Keep up with the Different Social Media Trends and Updates

Social media platforms are constantly progressing and changing in hopes to get  . Keeping up with what is happening can help you on your personal account, as well as your business account!

Keep in mind: Sometimes what might be successful on one platform might be disastrous on another. Here at Today’s Business, we’re constantly researching the latest digital marketing trends to ensure success and engagement for all of our clients. For more information on how we stay up to date, don’t hesitate to contact us today!