What Does Your Instagram Filter Say About Your Personality

On Instagram, everyone is a photographer. With help from Instagram filters, boring cups of coffee and your very typical sandwich can be transformed into works of art. A lot can be said about your personality just by looking at your Instagram page. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used filters and learn what your favorite filter says about your personality:


There are two sides to this filter. You’re either tech-challenged or a tech-savvy fraud. Those who are tech-challenged are still trying to figure out how to use the application/their smart phone in general, while those who are tech-savvy have clearly edited their photo in other applications, in hopes to trick their followers into thinking that they are master photographers. #NoFilter? #YoureNotFoolingAnyone.



The Amaro filter adds more light and reduces shadows in the picture, making it the go to for party animals looking to post their crazy late night adventures. Amaro users just love to show off their craft beer that no one has ever heard of while they are out in Brooklyn.



Tradition, values, and grace. These three words describe the Mayfair user perfectly. This filter is for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Mayfair doesn’t change pictures too drastically, so it’s perfect for those who want appear that things come naturally to them, when in reality they spent the last 20 minutes switching between filters.



This filter stays true to its name. By adding a tint of yellow to photos, this filter is perfect for early risers who are looking to capture their beautiful morning view outside their window or pre-work cups of coffee. Looking to trick people into thinking you’re a morning person? Then the rise filter will be your best friend!

Side note: Rise users are not friends with people who use the Amaro filter. There’s no hard feelings, the two just simply live different lifestyles.



Perpetua users are best friends with Rise users. Both of these filters are perfect for early morning go-getters who would like to bring out the blues, purples, and pinks in their sunrise photos.



This filter is dedicated to all of the cold-hearted people out there. Because this filter adds a blue tint, you can evoke cool and chilly feelings when you apply it to your picture. If you’re a Hudson user, you are probably a hipster trying to show off the new novel that you discovered before anyone else.



Valencia users are perfectionists. Even worse, they like to look like they’re not trying hard at all. This filter is perfect for them because it edits photos ever so subtly. People who use the Valencia filter don’t strive to be perfect, they are perfect. Know the difference.


“X-Pro II”

X-Pro II users are the optimists of the world. Is it a rainy day? Not anymore, thanks to this Instagram filter! This filter takes the colors and contrast of your photos and pumps them both up. Basically, it’s like your picture is on steroids.



The Lo-fi is used by people who think the sole purpose of Instagram is to post pictures of food. This filter is designed to resemble Lomo-fi cameras, which means it saturates colors and pumps up contrast. Lo-fi users like to show off their meal that they ordered for lunch at the trendy new café, or show off their delicious dessert that they held off eating for 15 minutes so they could take the perfect picture.

Heck, this filter can even make a turkey sandwich look good.



This filter is reserved for hipsters looking to take pictures of their retro record players. Earlybird users love all things coffee and vintage, and they want to make sure that their Instagram followers know that.



Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its ADEN. This is one of Instagram’s newest filters, and it’s aimed towards the girls who love to boost their self-confidence by posting selfies. This subtle filter gives people bright, baby smooth skin to help fool their followers into believing that they’ve barely edited their photo.



This filter goes out to all the nature lovers in the world. With it’s yellow overcast, slumber is the perfect filter to capture the yellows, browns, and reds of fall foliage.



#sunset #beautiful #nature #natural #likeforlike #instalike #instacool #instagood, Juno users are the ones posting pictures of sunsets and hashtagging them with every word they can think of.



Inkwell (and willow) users are simply lazy. I mean seriously, what image doesn’t look good in black and white? Instead of scrolling back and forth through the filters searching for the perfect one, you rely on Inkwell to get the job done. These black and white filters are also great for those who are stuck living in the past, because it can camouflage the horrible quality of your #TBT photo.



Does anyone actually use this filter?

It’s just as irrelevant as Justin Timberlake’s frosted tips.


What Instagram filter do you use the most? Comment and let us know!

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