What Your Favorite Social Platform Says About You

In this day and age, we’re all addicted to social media, but the platform we choose to spend the most time on varies. Whether you’re looking to post your lunch from some hip new restaurant, share your new work promotion, or upload a selfie showing off your new lipstick, there’s a social network that would work best for each kind of self-promotion.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the platform you visit most frequently probably says a lot about you. Before I get started, take a second to leave your egos at the door. This is all just for fun!

Social Media and Your Personality


If you’re a Facebook lover, then you probably feel the need to make your mark on society. And when I say society, I mean the mix of high school classmates, college hookups, and professional coworkers you have accumulated as Facebook friends over the past eight years. You sit up all night wondering how the world works and put together lengthy, cherry-picking statuses trying to validate your thoughts.


You believe that people need to hear your every thought, whether it be about science, politics, or pop culture. You’re obviously an expert in each of these fields, because you’ve read an article about them (that you found on Facebook, of course). You’re also the person who wishes ALL of your Facebook friends a happy birthday, because Mike from your 9th grade math class is checking his phone every 5 minutes anxiously waiting for your wall post.

If you love Facebook and don’t think you are Confucius, then you’re probably a mother who originally made her account to spy on her kids. But as annoying as mothers on Facebook can be, who doesn’t appreciate the extra likes AND comments on all your pictures? Thanks mom, you the real MVP.


If you’re a fan of Twitter, it’s safe to say that you think you’re the funniest person you’ve ever met. It probably started one day 4 years ago (when Twitter was cool) when you told a joke and someone said to tweet it. Ever since then, you’ve been tweeting every kind of funny thought that comes to mind.


Short, sweet, and to the point. That’s your motto. You can’t help that you text in 140 characters or less, it’s how you’ve been trained.


If you can’t go 5 minutes without checking to see how many likes your picture got, chances are Instagram is your favorite platform. You’re not just obsessed with your life, but you are fixated on making sure all of your followers are obsessed with you as well. You’re the life of the party and always thinking of the best caption to go with your kissy face selfies (#NoFilter).

Instagram lovers live a lavish lifestyle (at least that’s what they want you to think). Between the posts of overpriced mimosas for brunch, tropical landscapes for a weekend getaway, and mirror pics to show off your new Louboutins, your Instagram is the definition of #goals. And if your picture doesn’t rack up the likes, the delete button can make it so no one knows you ever posted something with less than 11 likes.


If you are constantly creating new boards on Pinterest, you definitely think you have amazing taste. Pinterest lovers are the trend SETTERS, and you better not forget it. After all, they were the ones who made pastel colored hair and choker necklaces cool.

You get all of your ideas from Pinterest. From meal prep ideas to DIY home décor, you are a firm believer that this platform has the answers to all of life’s problems. You probably also run a fashion or beauty blog with a mediocre following. But props to you, Pinterest lovers, for being the healthiest platform and for uncovering the secret on how to successfully complete a DIY project.


If you go out for the night and don’t put it on Snapchat, did you even really go out? If this is your favorite social media network, you are obsessed with people knowing every detail about you. You probably used to be the person who would list your daily schedule on your Facebook status so everyone could know where you were at all times.

But, if you love Snapchat solely to send pictures to your friends embarrassing yourself, then you’re my favorite kind of person.



Does anyone actually love LinkedIn the most? If so, you’re probably a 55-year-old professional who doesn’t bother going on any other social network. Congrats on the promotion, dad. Too bad you’ll be the only one who sees it.

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