Affiliate Summit West 2019: A Recap

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business

Affiliate Summit West (ASW)

I recently attended the Affiliate Summit West 2019 with a few members of the #TBTeam and it was an amazing and eye-opening experience.

ASW is a global industry event that brings together publishers, influencers, brands, networks and agencies. People from all around the world come to discover the latest technologies and best practices for affiliate marketing and to network with other professionals and affiliates in the industry.

The Affiliate Summit West was a great experience with a lot going on at all times. We were exposed to the new types of technologies that are coming out and changing the game. Neil Patel was one of the first keynote speakers at ASW and he provided powerful insight on digital marketing trends in 2019 and where the industry is headed. Most of the speakers represented extremely successful brands, and it was a great experience to connect one-on-one with them and discuss ways that we could possibly work together in the future.

Technology in 2019 and Beyond

Technology and affiliate marketing are two intertwined concepts that were the focal point of many sessions at the Summit. This year will bring technology that will reduce the need for direct cookie tracking and allow for click IDs being passed and cross-device tracking. Many recent technological enhancements have decreased fraud that used to be out of control in the industry. Moving forward, there is going to be an influx of resources for success that both affiliates and publishers will have at their disposal.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Summit is that affiliate marketing has previously been a “forgotten channel” and in the coming years. It’s going to get more and more competitive because more people are going to discover it and jump into the ring.

Today’s Business and Affiliate Marketing

The biggest opportunity that I saw in relation to what we do here at Today’s Business was the utilization of athletes as influencers in the affiliate space. Athletes already have a leg up in the game because they have fans and a platform. With the leverage of new technology and the right athletes, there is no ceiling on the value of athlete affiliate marketing.

Looking ahead in 2019, I am very excited about how we have positioned ourselves as a brand and how we help other brands take their programs to the next level through the unique way that we manage our campaigns.