Google Calendar Crashed and Twitter Lost It

Google bragged about its new calendar update… and then it crashed.

People were so excited to schedule meetings with Google Calendar‘s new features that it completely crashed. So, what do people do when they can’t access their calendars? Jump right on Twitter and entertain themselves with some of the best memes ever. What did we do? Find the best of the best to put together one epic blog.

We will see how long until “This Tweet is No Longer Available” lol, but we don’t think this one is on the Social Media Strategist. Nonetheless, the memes were pretty good so we decided to share some of our favorites!

Top Memes from the Google Calendar Outage

 1. Buzz Feed with the Disappearing GIF

2. Reddit goes with Upstairs Video

3. DK Books adds marketing twist with the highest engaged tweet all year

4.  Twitter Moments goes Pulp Fiction

Recent Google Related Outages

This hasn’t been the only Google Outage in June. Recently, Google Cloud had an outage that caused Shopify, Snapchat, Discord and many other top apps to crash. What else could go wrong for Google? Keep up with our blog for updates!