Student-Athlete to Marketing Agency

Student athletes know what it takes to be a part of a team. It’s in their nature. But why do student athletes make for model employees? Sports are not just a game; they teach life lessons and prepare young adults for the road ahead. According to the NCAA, there are nearly eight million students participating in high school athletics in the United States, and only 460,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools. That’s right. Only about 6% of high school athletes will compete at the college level. Of those 6%, even less will become a professional in their sport. Why does this matter? Because those of us who don’t become professionals, have the perfect skills to become business professionals.




While these skills are prominent among most team sports, I can relate them directly to women’s College Basketball.

Student Athletes… Are Team-Oriented.

This is a pretty obvious statement, but it’s one of the most important. We know what it’s like to have to depend on other people in order to achieve success. We know how to work together with others, collaborate, and support our teammates. In a business setting, all of these skills and characteristics are important to a company’s success. At Today’s Business, each of our departments must work together and support each other in order to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Student Athletes…Pay Attention to Detail

In basketball, every possession is important and can be the difference between winning and losing. This is especially important in the digital marketing industry, where small details make a huge difference. From SEO keywords to social media content, we focus on small details to optimize campaigns for our clients at Today’s Business.

Student Athletes… Can Manage their Time

From managing practice at 6AM, to a full class schedule, to practice every day, to game nights – basketball season is the perfect time to practice some time management skills. I don’t know anyone better at managing school work, practice, nap time, eating, and working out than basketball players. Today, there are less naps, but it’s still important for us to manage our workload within the office, meetings, and personal life.

Student Athletes…  Are Competitive

We love to win. At Today’s Business, we try to compete anytime we can, whether it’s ping pong, hoverboard races, or signing clients, we want to be the best. As a student athlete, we are always focused on being the best and look to win in any way possible: in the classroom, during a drill at practice, or game time. When entering the business atmosphere, student athletes are ready to prove they can win at all costs!

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Student Athletes… Are Goal-Oriented

As each basketball season begins, players and coaches are focused on one goal…a championship. While there are no championships in marketing, we are still prepped and ready to achieve the goals set before us. We look to achieve our daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals by being teammates, competitors, and detail oriented.

As a former student athlete, there are many basketball skills that transferred to the business setting. These aren’t skills that are intentionally learned and practiced, but come from continuous training and preparation. At the end of one’s career, these skills are so ingrained that we will have them for life. At Today’s Business, we are very sports oriented with a few former athletes in our ranks, which makes everyday a team-like experience and a great place to be.