The Best Men’s Tailgate Apparel of 2022

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It’s officially tailgate season! There’s nothing better than a Saturday or Sunday in the fall grilling up with friends and family and getting ready to watch sports. If you’re a tailgater you know that having the right outfit is key to having the best gameday experience. We’ve outlined some of our favorite picks for tailgate season from underwear, outerwear, and everything in between. Check out our list to find the top picks of tailgate apparel for 2022.

What are the best tailgating apparel items for men this year?

Ohio State FOCO Hoodeez for men

Best Team Branded: FOCO Hoodeez

  • Available for most NFL, NCAA, NHL, and MLB Teams
  • Reversible & Super Comfortable
  • One-Size Fits All

Best Coat: State & Liberty Light Blue Herringbone Overcoat

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely Warm
  • Stretch Fit
WOLACO Fulton Pant Black

Best Underwear: WOLACO Fulton Pant

  • Comfortable
  • Thick & Warm
  • Moisture wicking fabric
Mugsy Jeans Fulton Stretch Fit jeans

Best Jeans: Mugsy

  • Most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear
  • Perfect fit
  • Tons of styles
Flag and Anthem MADEFLEX PLAID ICON SHIRT Light BlueNavy

Best Casual Shirt: Flag & Anthem Madeflex Plaid Icon Shirt

  • Tailored fit
  • Built-in Stretch
  • Easy Care
New Republic Kurt Leather Sneaker

Best Sneakers: New Republic Kurt Leather Sneaker

  • Classic, sharp look
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean

Best Sunglasses: Tomahawk Shades The Pack Leaders

  • Quality construction
  • Unique and appealing style
  • Great warranty

#1 Best Team Apparel: FOCO’s Hoodeez

When it comes to team-branded merchandise, FOCO takes the crown. In particular, it’s their Hoodeez product that is the item to have this year for tailgate season. Their Hoodeez are one size fits all and are super comfortable. Some say it feels like you are wearing living in a cloud when you are wearing the FOCO Hoodeez. Their Hoodeez are also reversible and come in multiple different styles from big logo, camo, and more!

#2 Best Coat: State & Liberty Overcoat

A nice overcoat is a tailgate staple. Whether you’re rocking your favorite team’s hoodie or a long sleeve tee shirt this coat will look great over the top. It’s lightweight, has stretch-fit fabrics, and will keep you warm all game. State & Liberty was founded by athletes so they keep tailgate season in mind with all of their great products!

#3 Best Underwear: WOLACO Compression Leggings

If you’re in a cold weather area then odds are you own a couple of pairs of long underwear or “long johns” as some call them. But you may not be familiar with WOLACO’s compression leggings. If you haven’t heard of them you definitely need to check them out. Their compression leggings are relatively thick and definitely will keep you warm throughout a long snowy game. However, they’re also incredibly comfortable and moisture wicking so if you do go somewhere warm and are bundled up at least you won’t be sitting in sweat. The beauty of this product is its versatility as well. They’re great for tailgates but also can be worn for training and running sessions any time of the year!

#4 Best Jeans: Mugsy Jeans

Comfort is key at any sporting event. But you don’t always want to sacrifice style for comfort. Good thing for you Mugsy provides the best of both worlds with their stretch-fit jeans. Mugsy’s jeans are perfect because they aren’t necessarily slim-fit jeans but they surely are not baggy at all. They created jeans that deliver great fit, comfort, and style. They have tons of color options so you can find the pattern that pairs well with your team colors easily.

#5 Best Collared Shirt: Flag & Anthem

If you got club level seats or are in a corporate box you might need to take your tailgate outfit up a notch with a collared shirt. Flag & Anthem’s Madeflex shirt is a great option. This shirt fits like a glove and has built-in stretch as well as moisture-wicking properties. If you’re looking for a crisp tailgate shirt then check these guys out!

#6 Best Sneakers: New Republic

The Kurt Leather Sneaker by New Republic is an absolute classic pair of shoes. No matter what team you support these all-white sneakers will go perfectly with any color combination. They are super comfortable so if you are standing and cheering all game that won’t be an issue on your feet. Lastly, we know it gets dirty out there but despite these being all white they’re actually super easy to clean. After a long gameday simply wipe these down with a wet rag and you are all set for your next outing!                                

#7 Best Sunglasses: Tomahawk Shades

Having a nice pair of sunglasses is essential during tailgate season. When you’re outside all day it’s important to keep your eyes protected from UV rays. Not to mention the great style they can bring to any outfit. We really like the sunglasses from our friends at Tomahawk Shades. All of their sunglasses are sturdy and built to last. Plus, they have countless styles so you’re bound to find a pair that fits well to your face. Finally, they have one of the best warranty policies we’ve seen where they replace lost or broken shades at a fraction of the cost. This is clutch for those days where your sunglasses somehow disappeared!

Common Questions About Men’s Tailgate Apparel

What are the best tailgate apparel brands for men?

We strongly believe that FOCO, State & Liberty, Mugsy, WOLACO, Flag & Anthem, New Republic, and Tomahawk Shades are the best places to shop for tailgate apparel. You can obviously go to the official team store to get your standard hats and t-shirts but we wanted to share some brands that help complete the outfit and we think these are the ones that do so.

How do I dress for a cold weather tailgate?

For those cold weather tailgates, you have to bundle up guys! We recommend wearing layers. It’s always better to wear too much than too little as you can always remove items if you get hot but it can very difficult to warm up if you didn’t dress accordingly. For example, you might want to wear the WOLACO leggings underneath your Mugsy jeans. You can then grab a sweater from New Republic, and throw your State & Liberty overcoat over the top. Cap it off with a winter hat from FOCO and you’ve got a pretty solid cold-weather outfit right there. Plus, don’t forget hand warmers and wear extra socks!

What’s a good men’s warm-weather tailgate outfit?

For warm weather tailgates, you’re going to want to wear clothing that is breathable and moisture-wicking. We would recommend shorts from Mugsy. Mugsy shorts are light and breezy and are super flexible so they’ll be comfortable if you need to walk a lot. For the top, if you’re not going with a team shirt, we recommend getting a team-colored t-shirt or short sleeve button-up from State & Liberty. State & Liberty’s tops are great for hot weather because they use performance fabrics that will wick away any sweat immediately and keep you cool and looking sharp. You’ll need some comfortable shoes, so as you know New Republic Kurts are the choice there. Finish the look with a clean pair of team-colored sunglasses from Tomahawk Shades.