The Top 20 Instagram Reel Trends of 2022

Since the launch of Instagram Reels in 2020, millions of creators have created fun, comical content that has brought the app lots of success! Creators have created original and fun audios that have become viral worldwide with millions of views. This blog will help you find the best viral sounds you want to take advantage of to help grow your Instagram account.

What are the best Instagram Reel Trends in 2022?

1)  My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle

If you’ve spent any time this year mindlessly scrolling through Instagram reels then odds are you’ve come across this viral sensation. The song My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle by Louis Theroux & Duke & Jones is in our opinion the number one Instagram Reels trend this year. With its fun lyrics and catchy tune, this audio has been used for dances and other fun content across both Instagram and Tik Tok. Tons of creators and even celebrities have been getting in on the action! 

2)  Kiss Me More (Doja Cat feat. SZA)

The song Kiss Me More by Doja Cat, feat. SZA was used for over 623,000 Instagram Reels in 2022. Influencers have had fun creating on both Instagram and Tik Tok doing dances to the audio or comical videos. This trending audio has certainly taken off throughout the year!

3) As It Was (Harry Styles)  

As It Was is a popular song by Harry Styles that not only has millions of listens but has also dominated Instagram. Whether creators post about the latest trends or take their followers to their next adventure, most of these videos are using this fun song!

4) I’m Just Getting Started

Jlo, the Queen of Glam, once said, “I’m Just Getting Started,” and this statement went viral! Over a million creators are using this audio to show their latest project or journey. This is a great audio to use to celebrate your successes! UPDATE: We noticed on 11/25/22 that this audio is no longer available.

5)  Hard Times (Paramore)

Are you looking for positive vibes? Well, this trendy Instagram audio is perfect for you. The audio Hard Times by Paramore is not only a popular song but has been trending on Instagram, where creators use the audio for videos showing them overcoming their struggles!

6)  Cut Me Off (Austin Millz)

This audio is a remix of the once very popular song “Somebody That I Used to Know” and is incredibly catchy. Cut Me Off by Austin Millz is short and sweet and has a great beat drop for transition videos. It’s being used across fashion, lifestyle, and pretty much every category you can think of.

7) Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral

The Automotivo Tan Tan Tan audio originally went viral on Tik Tok before making its way over to Instagram Reels. The audio is popular for the transition video made popular by The Rock. Creators often replicate The Rock’s video but often put their own spin on it using the audio to show off their makeup skills or their fitness routine.

8)  It’s Corn

If you haven’t seen this viral sensation then you must be living under a rock! The adorable It’s Corn video, made popular by Recess Therapy, has been dominating all social media platforms throughout the late summer and fall of 2022. The original video has been altered into multiple song variations and has been used by tons of brands and content creators. The most popular song variation on Instagram is by GregoryBrothers called It’s Corn, but it’s a song.

9)  Owen Wilson Says Wow

Owen Wilson, a well-known actor, is known for saying Wow in different ways. The creator Raised by the Owls, took every Wow Owen Wilson said and combined it in a fun audio that creators have been using to show off awe-inspiring content!

10)  I’m Addicted

I’m Addicted audio has blown up on Instagram for it’s popular and easy-to-use beat! The audio was clipped taken from the song “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Black Eyed Peas to make this fun audio that lets users show off their addictions in a quick and catchy format. This audio has been used over a million times on Instagram and Tik Tok!             

11)  Mood (24k Goldn)

The well-known song Mood from 24k Goldn has been slowed down and cut on Instagram to create a great audio for Instagram. Creators use this short and sweet sound to show followers photo & video content of their travels, hobbies, or events! Whether it’s a trip to Vermont  or to Disney’s Park in California, this audio is perfect for capturing those travel vibes.  

12) Whoopty (CJ)

Whoopty by CJ  is a famous Hip-Hop/ Rap song that was released in 2020.  The song is upbeat and is most commonly used for creators to show their fitness routine to their followers! 

13)  Peaches x What’s Luv?

When two absolute hits combine you’re sure to get a trending IG reel audio. That’s exactly what you have here with the Peaches x What’s Luv mashup audio. This one can be used for dancing or showing off your normal content as it really works for anything!

14) Teenage DirtBag: and She Doesn’t Give a Damn About Me – Sped Up

Did you have a wild side when you were in your teen years? You might love the viral audio Teenage DirtBag- Sped Up (and She Doesn’t Give a Damn About Me)- Sped Up. This popular tune has been a great way for people to show off some of their embarrassing photos from their wild teenage years!   

15) Se Acabo Remix (The Beatnuts feat. Method Man)

Se Acabo by The Beatnuts feat. Method Man has dominated Instagram for its fresh and unique sound. Both creators like Ohio State Football and businesses like Crumb Cakery have used this audio. lt has also been used to show cool tricks when making a cocktail or delicious food! UPDATE: We noticed on 11/25/22 that this audio is no longer available. 

16)  Sensual Seduction (SnoopDogg)

Sensual Seduction by SnoopDogg is a fun audio known for its smooth sound and its use for back-and-forth shots in Instagram reel videos. People most often use it for conversations with text overlay. Celebrities like Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel have used it for who wore it best content.

17)  Material Girl (Saucy Santana)

Are you a material girl, well then you don’t want to skip over this sound! The audio Material Girl from Saucy Santana has gone viral on Instagram for creators using the sound to show off any new thing they have bought!

18) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Abba)

Want to live your Mamma Mia dreams, the sound Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight by Abba achieves this! The sound is a well-known sound but has recently gone viral for its fun dance moves that creators have been dancing too!

19)  About Damn Time (Lizzo)

About Damn Time by Lizzo is a fun audio that creators have been using for group dance videos. The lyrics are also great to show off things that you might be waiting on. Influencers like Courtney have used this audio to make a funny video about her pretending she was at Paris Fashion Week.

20) Ladies and Gentleman, Her

Do you have that one favorite dish or outfit that you are obsessed with? The audio Ladies and Gentleman Her is perfect for showing this off! The audio is short and has a build-up that can be used to display something you are proud of. Creators, such as Cheval, have used this to show off their outfits.


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