3 Ways to Run A Successful SEM Campaign

 Google Adwords plays a tremendous role in how you advertise online. Now you are able to show your ads to people who are interested in your product or service. You can also reach potential customers through multiple devices such as desktops, tablets, and Smartphones! A successful Search Engine Marketing campaign can generate a lot of conversions for your business, which ultimately converts to sales!

Use the RIGHT Advertising Network

When you first want to set up a campaign on Google Adwords, you must choose which advertising network you want to use. The two basic networks are the Search Network and the Display Network. The Search Network means that your text ads will show up on Google’s Search and other sites that Google partners with. The benefits of using the Search Network is that your ads will show up next to Google search results when people are searching for your product or service.

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The Display Network is thousands of Google websites such as Gmail, YouTube, and other partner sites where your ads can show up. The benefits of the Display Network are that you can run text and image ads that will show up on websites in the Google Display Network.  This is great to build brand awareness and to increase engagement. It is also important to run Remarketing ads through the Display Network. Remarketing text and image ads will appear on other sites after a potential customer visits your website. Have you ever noticed after visiting a potential college’s website you begin to see their ads on every website you go to? That means they are doing a good job on remarketing. Remarketing helps your brand always stay in the consumers mind as they search different websites. Visit here for more adwords advice.

Location and Language Targeting

You can target your ads by location and language only on the campaign level. It is very important that you target the right geographic region to where your potential customers are. When you do location targeting, you can target by countries, states, and even cities with a radius. If you happen to have one pizzeria it wouldn’t make sense to target the whole state you are in. It would be best to try a 5-10 mile radius around your location.  You can also choose what language you want to target your ads. If you happen to have a Spanish restaurant you can use Spanish keywords in your ads and customers who have changed their Google interface settings to Spanish will see your ads. This is just another tool to help reach potential customers.



Importance of Keywords

There are 4 main types of keywords to choose from, which are Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. Broad match keywords don’t have any special symbols in them. If you include broad match keywords, your ads will show up if people type in misspellings, synonyms, or other relevant variations. It is important that you do not include too many broad keywords in your campaigns because your ads could show up for things that might not accurately portray your business. This leads to irrelevant clicks and money lost.  Broad Match Modifier contains a + in front of each keyword and your ads will show up when people type in close variations of those keywords in any order. Phrase Match keywords include quotation marks in front of the first keyword and behind the last keyword. Your ads will show up if people type in that phrase or close variations. Exact match keywords include brackets around the keyword. Your ads will show up when people type in the exact term, which helps gain relevant customers.

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By understanding the different advertising networks, targeting options, and keywords, you will br ready to take your business to the next level. Search Engine Marketing helps advertisers bring traffic to their website by displaying ads on search engines.  SEM is an excellent way to use money to help your website show up on top in Google Searches. If you want to learn how your website can organically show up in the top searches, visit our blog for an intro to SEO!