The Importance of Remarketing for Businesses

You may be asking, what is remarketing? Remarketing is essentially those display or text ads users see on the side of websites when browsing the internet and conducting a search. As a business, a remarketing campaign helps you show your ads to people that have visited your website before. When people visit your website then leave without making any transactions or purchases, you can target your ads to them as they browse the web in the future.

How It Works

The first thing you need to do to set up a remarketing campaign via Google Adwords is to set up a remarketing code on your website. You need to go to your “shared library” tab in Adwords and click on “audiences.”  From here you can send your remarketing code to an email to implement it on your website. The remarketing code places cookies in people’s computer who have visited your website. You can adjust your audience to people who have been to your website within a certain amount of days. It’s a good idea to target people that have been to your website within 30 days since they tend to have the highest potential of converting.

High Quality Images

High quality remarketing images with strong calls to actions can drive a lot of traffic to your website. When you run a remarketing campaign through Google Adwords you have a few different image sizes to choose from. It is important to create images in each different size so you can do A/B testing to see which performs the best. The different image sizes are 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, or 320×50 (mobile).  When it comes to the images you can have one solid image or you can create a gif that can display multiple images after a certain time. For example, the gif can have 3 images that rotate every 30 seconds.


Solid Remarketing Image



Image from TreadHunter Remarketing Campaign


Remarketing images for any deals or discounts you currently have are very effective for driving sales.


Remarketing Example- Gif

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GIF via Woodmont Ridge Remarketing Campaign

If is important for images to have a call to action such as the phone number or website, just in case the user doesn’t click on the ad. If the user does not click on the ad, it is free promotion – so why not include information that the customer would find interesting?

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Image via Amazology Remarketing Campaign


Text Ads

Text remarketing ads are just as important as image remarketing ads. They will also show up on the sides on the Google Display Network. The great thing about remarketing ads, especially text ads, are that they have a low cost-per-click (CPC).  When it comes to remarketing, you never want to pay more than $1 for a click. Text ads are helpful if you don’t have a graphic designer on your team but you still want to stay in front of people that have been to your website.

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Remarketing is a great way for you to display your ads to potential customers who may be interested in your product. Remarketing is an inexpensive advertisement, and you can generate great leads from it if you design a high quality image or gif with a proper call to action. It is important to set up the code properly on the website so you can gather your audience list and target them effectively. Google Adwords is a great place to run remarketing ads, but you can also use other platforms like Adroll. If you want to learn more about Google Adwords and the proper ways to advertise on it, check out our other SEM blogs, here.