Recipe for Business Blogging Success


  • SEO Strategy (CM)
  • Topic For your audience
  • Links
  • Share-ability
  • Attention Grabbing Title
  • Pictures
  • Consistency
  • Brand Awareness

Combine all ingredients and share.


Sound easy enough? In reality, keeping up with a business blog might seem difficult, especially with all of the other day-to-day operations of keeping a business running. However, business blogging should not get thrown to the back burner. Business blogs are an excellent way to drive more people to your website, increase SEO, position your brand as a provider of knowledge in the industry, and connect with your following.  Fortunately, with all of these ingredients to business blogging you are guaranteed to have some success in getting your blog up and running in no time at all.

SEO Strategy

First and foremost, you must have an SEO strategy for your blog in order to drive traffic to your business’ website. Without an organized strategy, the blog loses much of its purpose as establishing your business as an industry thought leader. Your SEO strategy should include keyword rich phrases, links, and pictures. In order to come up with these, you have to think, “What are people searching on Google that is relevant to my business?”  This will guide your topic and title.


Links are another aspect of your SEO Strategy that are important for establishing authority. Links provide further information to your readers, and can direct them to other parts of your website.


Pictures not only add some visual entertainment and a break from all of the reading, but they can also be valuable to your SEO strategy. Utilize the alt text of an image so that Google knows what the image is. This will increase the chances of the image showing up in a Google image search, which will then direct the user back to your website!

Topic FOR your audience

The topic of your blog is also a part of your SEO strategy. You want to write about a topic that is going to be relevant to your business or industry and either newsworthy or evergreen. Newsworthy means that the topic is on something big going on in your industry right now. This is great to blog on because it will drive a lot of traffic to your site in a short period of time. Evergreen content means that the content contains general information that will be relevant for a while. Evergreen content is also great for blogs because it will drive traffic over time. Whatever you do, make sure the content is catered to your audience, not just something you are interested in.

evergreen content

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Image via Pixabay


Attention Grabbing Title

The title should include your keywords, but also grab attention. Try to be creative when it comes to your title, to grab attention, but also stay on topic. Remember, your title is what is going to appear on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when a user submits a search query, so a title that is not descriptive of the content might diminish your shot at driving traffic to your blog.



Although you can’t predict shareability or vitality, there are a few things you can do to give your blog the best chance of success online. When your blog gets shared via social media, it reaches new audiences you didn’t previously have access to, which is a huge opportunity. By writing something that answers your audience’s questions, you can increase your chances of getting shares.

share on facebook


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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something to keep in mind when writing your business blog. Most likely, more than one person will be contributing to your business blog, so you want to ensure that there is a consistent voice. Everyone writing should have a solid understanding of your brand’s values, services, and industry background so that they can write effective content. Remember, anything they write is on behalf of your company, so make it count.


Lastly, be consistent with your content. Typically, the more content you have, the more it will contribute to your overall SEO strategy. But, you don’t want to publish 5 blogs in one week and then have nothing left for the rest of the month. Come up with an organized and realistic content distribution plan so that your business blogging is consistent and effective.

With these recommendations in mind, you will be on your way to a top-notch business blog in no time at all. Have any other suggestions for business blogging success? Comment and let me know!