Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog Epidemic

There have been many different takes on Snapchat’s recent Dancing Hot Dog frenzy. Some articles even goes as far to say the poor hot dog is hiding all of its fear, anxiety, and stress behind the happy break dancing facade. Let’s take a look at just how this little animated hot dog earned a spot in many Americans’ hearts.


Where it all started…

It was June 23rd, 2017, when Snapchat started rolling out some new filters and augmented reality emojis and characters. This is when we were first able to meet and hangout with the dancing hot dog.

Since I don’t want to use the term “dancing hot dog” throughout this entire article, I’m going to name it Nathan.

Nathan quickly took the world by storm with his undeniably retro dance skills. There were men and women dancing alongside him and children laughing at him; he was having the time of his life. BUT, just as quickly as the fun started, the memes began building up. It wasn’t long before Nathan became the newest joke on the internet.



Ok I’m in love with this hotdog @drakedoingthangs ????????????????

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Stardom or Satire?

Once the internet gets a hold of something that can be easily made into a meme or joke, they do not hesitate to do so.

Nathan was doing nothing out of the ordinary, but people began to take videos and pictures of him that almost turned him into a villain. They claimed he was robbing their houses, stealing their cars, and even stalking them. Fortunately, there were those who still believed Nathan was an innocent soul and just loved to break it down. Things were looking up for Nathan, he was on the road to recovery from a hindered reputation.




All Jokes Aside

Nathan has stolen many hearts around the country. No matter how down you may feel, Nathan’s positive spirit and adorable dancing skills will put you right back in a good mood. As people have been discovering this, they have been standing up for Nathan. One girl even went as far as to invite him to her wedding. It’s safe to say, Nathan may be the best thing on Snapchat yet and we don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon.




Snapchat’s Step into the Quickly Approaching Future

Snapchat has been creating new features and filters nonstop for the past few months. This latest one with the dancing hot dog shows how advanced Snapchat really is and that they are only continuing to grow. Their step into the quickly approaching augmented reality world gives them the upper hand amongst all other social media platforms AT THE MOMENT. It is going to be very exciting to see what the other platforms create. Especially once Apple releases their AR kit!