Social Media Listening: Why Your Business Needs It

Social Media has become essential for businesses, making real-time engagement extremely vital. So, why not take advantage of social media listening? It not only provides insight on your customers, but allows you to develop a strong brand reputation, outperform competitors, and drive strategic decisions. Is your business struggling with creating engagement and building a strong brand reputation? Today’s Business is here to help you achieve your strategic goals! Read below to learn more about social media listening.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social listening is the process of monitoring conversations on social media channels that revolve around specific brands, products or industries, and leveraging those insights to optimize content towards a particular demographic. Monitoring collects every social mention and interaction, while listening requires analysis and taking action. Extracting key insights from social conversations and transforming them into action will allow you to better position your brand strategy and improve return on investment (ROI).

How does social media listening work?

Most monitoring tools work by crawling sites continuously and indexing them. Once these sites are indexed they can be searched through queries, or search strings. This will lead to “mentions” on the tool’s interface.

Why is social media listening important for brands?

  1. Target Audience: Helps you gain a better understanding of the customer and increases chances of creating effective content relevant to their needs.

  2. Lead generation and engagement: Social listening tools can reach a new audience as well as allow target audiences to express themselves. It allows them to engage in conversations that will be valuable for the company and personalizes the relationship with the customer.

  3. Customer service: If you use the right social listening tools and stay on top of issues and comments about your product, you can offer exceptional customer service, address customer needs, and make strategic decisions.

  4. Product Development: Social listening can help you gain valuable feedback on your product and based on these insights, you can improve your product and incorporate an enhanced brand strategy.

  5. Brand Reputation: Building a positive brand reputation is key! Develop a unique value proposition by keeping track of the sentiment around your brand and its services.

  6. Competitors: Stay ahead of your competitors by tracking conversations of your competitors’ products. Use this to your advantage and develop a successful brand strategy!

What are some social media listening tools that can be utilized?


Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools in social media marketing. It helps manage multiple social network channels and monitors what people are saying about your brand.

Google Alerts

This is social media monitoring for beginners— monitor the web for interesting content or competitors, and create a google alert and receive email notifications every time Google finds new results across blogs, sites, and forums.

Reddit Keyword Monitor

Get real-time results through this app— set the keywords on Reddit you would like to keep track of and get a sense of who is talking about your brand, products, and market.


Track mentions, keywords, and sentiment in multiple languages and find potential influencers across social networks and other web sources.


Social media analytic tool that tracks billions of conversations happening online everyday, including blogs, news, forums, twitter, Facebook…etc., and allow brands and companies to understand consumer insights, trends, and brand perception.

Optimize your Social Media Strategy

When it comes to social media listening tools, you can understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses and make strategic decisions accordingly. Are you looking to improve your business’ brand strategy and increase ROI? We can help! Please contact us today for more information.