Social Media Swipeout

Spring is in the air! While you might be spring cleaning around the house, it might be time to take a look at your social media, too! When you become a social media junkie like me, you can’t help but to post and follow almost everything and everyone. But after a while your platforms may become a bit congested. I’ve witnessed this while working at Today’s Business, as my profession requires me to constantly be on social media for my clients. Sometimes the following ratio is off or posts are not receiving any engagement. So what do you do? Maybe it’s time for a social media swipeout!

You might be thinking, what exactly is a social media swipe out? Well, this is when you go through your followers and those you follow. Some followers may be irrelevant or you might be following fake pages. By just simply reading the short bio or looking through their pictures you can tell if you should be following that person or business page. Think of it as a spring-cleaning for all of your social media accounts!

To make it a little easier, let’s go through three of the most popular social media platforms:


I’ll use myself as an example here. When it comes to my Facebook it’s definitely time for a swipeout. I have more than 100 plus friend requests and I already have 3,899 friends. In my case, I am sure that I don’t know all of those people. It’s going to take some time, but my plan is to go through the names and unfriend people who I do not know. You wouldn’t want strangers snooping through your posts and pictures right?

JoannePictures are another important factor when it comes to your cleaning sweep. People will tag you in pictures that may be embarrassing or that you might not want to share on your page. When it comes to this you have three options:

  1. Kindly ask the person who tagged you to remove the picture.
  2. Untag yourself.
  3. Keep the picture hidden from your timeline.

Remember you have the control over what people see and don’t see. If you prefer to take something down, all it takes is a simple click!


This may be little easier to do unless you’re obsessed with Twitter and have a lot on it. Then it may take some time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just do a little each day and before you know it you’ll be a swipeout expert.

Delete any tweets that you no longer want public, and ensure you have the right ratio of following to followers on your twitter. If you didn’t know there is a ratio you should take in consideration when it comes to followers and following, well there is, take a look:

Digi Write it

Image Via DigiWriteIt

The point of Twitter is have others read about what you post, so it would make sense to make sure you’re following the right people. Just like Facebook, go through your followers and following and see if they’re still relevant to you.


Last but definitely not least, the gram! I’ll admit, I can get a bit carried away with posting pictures and even following accounts that I know won’t follow me back.

This past week, I spent some time scrolling through my old posts and deleting the ones I didn’t like anymore. I went from almost 800 pictures to 707, (yeah I went all the way back to 187 weeks ago!) I did have some fun doing so; I was able to reminisce a bit.

ig joan

So now that you have an idea on how to do a social media swipeout, it’s time to start your clean sweep. Remember not to get frustrated if you have a lot to go through. Just scroll, delete and be happy! Happy spring cleaning!

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