Why Social Influencer Marketing Is Valuable for Businesses

Anyone on social media is bound to be following at least one social influencer. Whether it is a favorite celebrity of yours, an account posting some motivational quotes, or some sort of parody account- these are all social influencers. Ever notice that these accounts will sometimes tag a brand or product? This, in essence, is Social Influencer Marketing.

Access to Niche Audiences

Social Influencers tend to have niche audiences of followers for their accounts. Demographics may be age-specific, gender-specific, and even wealth/class-specific. Social Influencers must have an audience to be considered an influencer- typically a few thousand to millions of followers on their social media platform of choice. Social Influencers know their niche well, and will produce curated content accordingly to share with followers and increase their personal brand.

So, Where Does Business Come In?

Having a huge social following is nice and all, but it is even better if it can be monetized. An influencer may agree to post images or marketing materials on behalf of a brand, for payment, as long as it is relevant to their audience. This form of marketing is valuable for businesses looking to reach a niche audience without the audience feeling like they are being sold something. Think of it as the new word-of-mouth marketing; except instead of a friend telling you to buy something, an influencer you follow and trust is encouraging you to take some sort of action. With the rise of AdBlock, users are telling advertisers they don’t want to see repetitive, annoying ads. Social Influencer Marketing is the remedy for both audiences and advertisers.

This form of marketing comes off as much more authentic to the user, and can lead to some impressive results for businesses. Social Influencer Marketing impacts businesses by:

  • Increasing a brand’s audience on social media
  • Bringing in new web traffic to brand’s website
  • Boosting conversions
  • Creating greater brand awareness

Not only does a business/brand benefit from a relationship with a social influencer, but Social Influencer Marketing is also relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing and advertising efforts. Social Influencer Marketing yields excellent results especially when executed alongside other digital marketing initiatives.

However, it is important to take note that social influencers, or at least the ones you want to be working with, are very picky about which brands they work with. If an influencer begins flooding their profile with irrelevant advertisements on behalf of brands- they will quickly lose their following and status as a social influencer.  If the content is cohesive, carefully curated, and relevant to their audience, the audience will react in a positive manner.

Some Examples of Social Influencer Marketing

@Mens_Haute is a lifestyle account for upper-class men interested in fashion, grooming, and inspirational content. With over 1M followers, Today’s Business set up Social Influencer Marketing for a client @Amazology. You will see that the graphics team created an image that would mesh nicely with the curated content already on the @Mens_Haute page.

 blog pic 2

Another example of Social Influencer Marketing is a celebrity endorsement. Look at how Today’s Business linked up two clients, 2-time Super Bowl Champion and sport’s analyst @DoneDiehl66, and custom-suit tailor @PointClickTailor.  Notice that David Diehl doesn’t outwardly tell his fans to go buy these suits. Instead, he simply tags @PointClickTailor – providing a subtle, yet effective, endorsement.

done Diehl

As a business/brand, Social Influencer Marketing is an excellent way to reach a larger audience on social media, increase web traffic to your domain, get some conversions, and increase your social presence/ brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.

Interested in Social Influencer Marketing for your business? Contact Today’s Business to get started connecting with relevant influencers who hold the key to your target demographic!