The 21 Best Miami Influencers

Known as the Magic City, Miami is bursting with non-stop nightlife, Instagram-able spots, and sandy beaches. This popular Southern Florida spot is also home to the trendiest and hottest influencers!

Our team at Today’s Business has been working with influencers since 2011. We have performed numerous influencer marketing campaigns and activations over the last decade with many of them focused in the Miami area. Through our experience, we believe the list below outlines some of the best influencers in Miami!

Who are the best Miami influencers?

1) Marc Megna

This fitness influencer shows his followers his intense workouts with inspiring messages to never give up! Marc Megna is the co-owner of Anatomy, a wellness and fitness facility that is home to some of the biggest celebrities and influencers in the world.  He is also the author of “Dream Big Never Quit”!

The Best Miami Influencer Marc Megna

2) Marc Roberts 

Marc Roberts is an entrepreneur who has co-created multi-billion dollar projects in real estate. He is based in Miami and was the first person to make a sports management company public! This real estate mogul is also the co-founder of the hottest nightclub, E11EVEN Miami, and Miami World Center! When it comes to business in Miami, there’s nobody more influential than Marc Roberts.

Marc Roberts Instagram Feed

3) Melanie Tillbrook

Melanie Tillbrook is the founder of Posh Production and Events, a marketing agency. This entrepreneur is based in Miami and is a model who shares snaps of her fitness routines with her followers!

 Melanie Tillbrook Instagram Feed

4) Jozie Schroder

“This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy”! Jozie Schroder is a Miami Dolphins NFL Cheerleader and an alum of the Miami Hurricanettes Dance team. Not only is she a proud cheerleader, but she is a correspondent for the media website, Celeb Secrets!

Jozie Schroder Instagram Feed

5) Ingrid Schneider

This Brazilian model captures captivating backdrop images on Instagram. Ingrid Schneider, a fashion model based in Miami, includes snaps of her posing in trendy bikinis or with her adorable four-legged friend, who is always ready to take pictures!

Ingrid Schneider Instagram Feed

6) Corinth Suarez

If you love fashion and are looking for some inspiration, then this influencer is perfect for you to follow. Corinth Suarez is a fashion and beauty influencer who is a proud Filipina based in Miami. She likes to keep her style chic, and minimalist, and to spice it up she adds vibrant colors to her outfits!     

Corinth Suarez Instagram Feed

7) Ria Michelle

Ria Michelle is a “Trini girl living in Miami Beach.” She is a fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who shares her latest adventures with her followers. Whether it’s fashion week looks or sharing her travels, Ria covers it all! 


Ria Michelle Instagram Feed

8) Anthony Mendez

Do you need a personal trainer, then definitely don’t scroll over this influencer. Anthony Mendez is an entrepreneur who posts motivational videos on Instagram. This fitness coach also has his own podcast, “Sweat it Out”, where he discusses overcoming challenges!    

Anthony Mendez Instagram Feed

9) Julian Hernandez-Marks

Julian Hernandez-Marks is a stay-at-home attorney and a dad to his adorable four-legged sons! He has a passion for home renovations and he shows them to his Instagram followers. Julian is also a real Floridian, sharing photos on the beach and sipping his favorite cocktails!     

Julian Hernandez-Marks Instagram Feed

10) Cindy Prado

This mega-influencer is a model and fitness guru based in Miami. Cindy Prado is known for her appearance in Maxim Magazine.  Whether she is taking a chopper to the Hamptons or is sharing her workout plan, this rising star shares it all!      

Cindy Prado Instagram Feed

11) Cyn Lagos

This influencer has a sharp eye for different angles and finding the perfect photo. Cyn Lagos is a street photographer and graphic designer that captures captivating images of Miami’s streets and documents people’s lives. This busy influencer is also a Skillshare Teacher, an Adobe streamer, and a Google Ambassador!   


Cyn Lagos Instagram Feed

12) Alexander Mijares

Alexander Mijares is an artist based in Miami, where he shows his followers his unique artwork! He not only creates artwork but sculptures as well; he recently created a 24’ inch ballerina sculptor! 

Alexander Mijares Instagram Feed

13) Dan & Nico

If you’re looking for the next vacation spot with your significant other, then you don’t want to miss this influencer! Dan and Nico are lifestyle creators who share content on travel in English and Spanish. They have a very informative blog where they share their travel experiences.  

Dan & Nico Instagram Feed

14) Mallow Frenchie

This influencer has “big diva energy” and always has a smile! Mallow Frenchie is an adorable French Bulldog who shares photos of his snack time, naps, and fun adventures! This four-legged cutie has a massive following base and has been featured in Forbes and Miami New Times

Mallow Frenchie Instagram Feed

15)  Isabela Rangel Grutman 

Isabela Rangel Grutman is the founder of Rangel, a sustainable clothing brand, and is the Vice President of Style Saves. This model shares content of her iconic fashion outfits, photos with her celebrity friends, and quality time with family.​​       


Isabela Rangel Grutman Instagram Feed

16)  Christie Ferrari

This influencer is a clinical psychologist and a full-time mom. Christie Ferrari shares content on fashion and mental health. She has a Youtube channel where she gives tips on mental health and helps normalize daily struggles.

Christie Ferrari Instagram Feed

17)  Kino MacGregor

“Namaste!” Have you ever tried yoga, or are you looking for a teacher? Well, this influencer is for you! Kino MacGregor is not only a Yoga instructor but an author as well. Her newest book coming out soon is “Act of Love.”    

Kino MacGregor Instagram Feed

18) Gaby Zitz

Are you looking to find trendy styles on a budget but don’t know where to start? Then definitely check out this influencer, Gabby Zitz. She has a blog where she links all her fashion outfits to give her followers inspiration!

Gaby Zitz Instagram Feed

19) Sam Schnur

Looking for mouthwatering food, then this influencer is one you should follow! Sam Schnur is Miami based and is a lifestyle and culinary influencer who shares delicious food recipes and recommendations. She also shows her journeys to other countries with her followers.

Sam Schnur Instagram Feed

20) Chante Burkett

Chante Burkett is a fashion blogger who shows plus-size fashion! She was Target’s first plus-sized model in their 2015 ad and has worked with other brands such as JCPenny, Sephora, Rebdolls, and so many more! Chante has inspired women who are plus-size models that you don’t need to be a specific body weight to go into modeling.

Chante Burkett Instagram Feed

21) David Grutman

David Grutman is an entrepreneur who owns multiple trendy Miami-based restaurants and nightclubs. Such as the Gekko, Komodo, Swan, The Key Club, Papi Steak, Strawberry Moon, and many more! He was also featured in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in electronic dance music!

David Grutman Instagram Feed

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