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Learn where to target your ads, discover where your traffic comes from, and see what isn’t converting. Our SEO and SEM teams at Today’s Business support your marketing campaign with extensive reporting in Google’s Looker/Data Studio.

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See the Impact of Your Brand’s Presence with Full Reporting in Looker Studio

In marketing, whether you’re running an organic search campaign, trying to increase brand awareness through social media, or running ads on multiple platforms, transparent and clear data will affect your bottom line. How much money you spend and how much growth you can achieve can only be measured accurately with regular reporting. 

At Today’s Business, we utilize Looker Studio (formally known as Data Studio) to pool data from all sources and provide comprehensive analysis of where our time and efforts are being spent, and showcase your losses and gains. A regular analysis, usually once or twice per month, is crucial in making choices about where to adjust ads, plan more content for your website, or see how many conversions you miss due to inefficiencies or user-experience issues.

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How Our Looker Studio Reporting Works

Reporting is always the final step, just before campaign adjustments or strategy tweaks. It is a product of enough time passing so that our strategies are tested in a way that results are measured either positively or negatively. This is an industry-standard approach to working with data, but not all agencies provide custom reports or have expert-level professionals consolidating and observing your data. So how do you get started with better reporting? It starts like this:


Our consultants will sit down with you to understand your campaign goals – what you have been trying to achieve, or what you would like to do as a business. We ask specific questions to learn more about your target audience, your service areas, demographics, products and services, and more. Once we have a better understanding of your brand, we’re about to move on to the next phase.


Next, we’ll propose a strategy based on the information we collect. In some cases, you may already be running a campaign of your own, and we can work to integrate data from other sources into one place – Looker Studio. Combined with any of our suggested efforts, we can pool data together to give you a more complete picture so that we can adjust actions and develop deeper strategies as time progresses.

Account Set-Up

After the planning phase, we’ll set you up with your own account and client manager. Even if you’re running a small campaign or simply working to integrate your reporting into one place and get recommendations from our team, you’ll always have a dedicated person to turn to whenever you have questions. With your account manager, you’ll also meet regularly to discuss the health and status of your campaign, where we go over what we’ve done, what should change, and all analytics.

Campaign Implementation

Implementation is the execution of our strategies. These efforts may be carried out over months  or the entire year. They include everything from social media marketing, SEO, and SEM to paid advertising, retargeting, and more. We can work to help you organize your leads if you have a CRM, and we can even pull that information into our regular reporting.


Finally, as we’ve discussed, we’ll provide you with our reports. Not only do we provide you with a clear outline of what we’ve done, but you can see our upcoming future goals as well. This serves as a good reminder of what to expect in the short term. We’ll sit down and go over your full report in Looker Studio and you’ll touch base with your account manager, organic, social, and paid strategists when applicable, and creative team members.

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Do you need to streamline your reporting? What about setting new goals and seeing how they stack up against past performance? You need streamlined and expert reporting in Looker Studio.

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Reporting is more than just pulling data in Google Analytics or measuring keywords in tools like SEMrush. Looker Studio is Google’s reporting tool that can incorporate many different data sources into one place and provide valuable insights based on how that information is organized. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients in health systems, transportation, sports, and other industries to improve their overall growth and make more sales, as well as improve revenue, organization, and understanding of what’s happening on their digital front. Get started by contacting us today.

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