The 10 Best Atlanta Influencers

Atlanta, or The Big Peach, is known for its renowned food, art, music, culture, and shopping! Want the inside scoop on the trendiest restaurants and places to visit in Atlanta? Then check out our list of the 10 best influencers that are Atlanta natives or locals.

Today’s Business is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in managing influencer campaigns for the fashion, food, and health/wellness industries. Our team of influencer research specialists is constantly scouring the internet looking for the top influencers across multiple geographic areas and industries. Through our research, we’ve identified the following influencers as the best in the Atlanta area. Check out our list and let us know if you think there is someone we are missing!

Who are the best Atlanta Influencers?

1) Terrell & Jarius Joseph

​​ This family-oriented influencer with two children shares videos of their lives with their followers. Terrell and Jarius Joseph are two dads with a Youtube channel with over 100k followers. The family was also featured on an episode of Wife Swap on Paramount Network.

Terrell and Jarius Joseph's Instagram influencers in atlanta

2) Alexandra Lord

​​ Do you love fashion and travel but are looking for inspiration? Then check out Alexandra’s page, which captures breathtaking backdrop images with stylish outfits. She is also the founder of Hacz, an online clothing, and accessories store.

Best Atlanta fashion influencer Alexandra Lord Instagram Feed Image

3) Tim Caver

Whether you love to take eye-capturing photos or enjoy scrolling through captivating pictures, then this influencer is for you. Tim Caver is a content creator and photographer who captures striking and colorful photos of different women.

Atlanta content creator Tim Caver Instagram Feed Image

4) Jake Holland

This Digital Creator, also known as pizzabeardparty, is known for his lush orange beard and his sense of humor. Jake Holland has his own merch store, selling shirts, hoodies, and so much more!  His hysterical videos have brought Jake a  large follower base on TikTok with over 800k followers!

Jake Holland Instagram Feed Image

5) Jessica Camerata

If you struggle with finding the perfect outfit to wear, then look no further than An Indigo Day. Jessica is a blogger and co-founder of Blog Societies, a page full of information to grow your business! We are particular fans of the article, “Instagram Story Content Ideas For Content Creators.”

Jessica Camerata Instagram Feed Image

6) Tiffany D

This makeup YouTuber has been making videos since 2008 and has over 800k subscribers. Tiffany D is not only an OG Youtuber but is a full-time mom to her fashionista daughter. She has her podcast, Brad & Tiffany at Home Podcast, which includes conversations about life, love, and personal lives.       


Tiffany D Instagram Feed Image

7) Alyssa Fagien

Looking for a place to eat or a fun event to do in Atlanta, then this influencer is one you don’t want to miss. Alyssa Fagien is the owner of where she provides the best restaurants and events to attend. She shows her passion for photography on her Instagram page by taking captivating photos of Atlanta.      

Atlanta food influencer Alyssa Fagien Instagram Feed Image

8) Sarah Lampley

Sarah Lampley is a full-time mom to three boys! She provides videos on dealing with loss and shares snaps of her life with her followers. Sarah is the owner of the nonprofit organization Legendary Impact, which shines light and gives strength to challenging stories.    

Sarah Lampley Instagram Feed Image

9) Carson Cawan

Carson Cawan is an Atlanta realtor who is also a dad to his four-legged son Huck! His humorous TikTok videos with his dog have brought this creator to over 2,000 followers, where he also shares fitness sessions and snaps of his life. Carson also has a Youtube channel sharing new listings on the market in Atlanta with his subscribers!

Carson Cawan Instagram Feed Image

10) Dayna Bolden

This influencer is for you if you are looking for a fitness clothing brand that embraces all body shapes and sizes. Dayna Bolden is the CEO of Define Bold, a clothing brand that accepts and inspires all women’s bodies! Dayna has created a loving community for thousands of women through love and support.

Dayna Bolden Instagram Feed Image

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