The 21 Best Chicago Influencers

Whether you call it Chi-Town or the Windy City, our list of top Chicago influencers is your best bet to help get around Chicago. The influencers on this list range from fashion icons to bloggers and they can help you find many of the best Chicago restaurants and the perfect spots for Instagramable pictures in the city. 

Our team here at Today’s Business has been providing influencer marketing services for brands for 10+ years. Throughout this time we have conducted countless hours of research and have partnered with influencers of all shapes and sizes across the nation. Through our research we have identified the list below as some of the top influencers in Chicago. Check out our list of some of the best content creators in Chicago below!

Who are the best Chicago Influencers?

1) Rachel Chen

If you like to travel or go on adventures, then definitely check out Rachel Chen’s Instagram, @Vintagedolls! Rachel has a massive following that follows her trendsetting, creative lifestyle. This millennial covers everything from fashion to lifestyles, travel, and much more! Articles like “The New Way to Save Money While Traveling”, help her readers travel inexpensively!

Best Chicago influencers Rachel Chen

2) Ian EastWood

If you love to dance and choreograph, Ian EastWood is someone you should follow. This choreograph has been featured on America’s Best Dance Crew on the Tv show World of Dance. This rising star has over 60k followers on Instagram @Ian_eastwood!  

Ian Eastwood top chicago content creator

3) Manny The Frenchie

For animal lovers, this influencer has captured the eyes of millions of people! You guessed it, Manny the Frenchie is a dog with a massive following base. This four-legged cutie is known for his daily photos; whether it’s nap time or playtime, he always has a smile!

Manny The Frenchie Best Chicago dog influencer

4) Clark and Stone

A Chicago-based fashion, travel blogger, and mother of two sons, Clark and Stone has captivated many followers. Her colorful fashion inspo and her fascinating blogs on motherhood, travel, Chicago, and style. Articles such asCete Diaries: Why I Decided To Get A Divorce”, have helped many moms going through similar issues to know there is support.

Clark and Stone best chicago travel influencer

5) Abbie Kay

Do you love fashion and skincare but don’t know where to find affordable stores? Then definitely check out this micro-influencer, Abbie Kay. She is the owner of Unclaimed Boutique and is a blogger. We are particular fans of the article, “5 End of The Summer Neutral Outfits// All Under $100.”

Abbie Kay Instagram Feed Image

6) Olia

Whether you like fashion or lifestyle content, this influence is the one for you. Olia is Ukrainian, based in Chicago, and her Instagram is full of colorful and minimalist fashion inspo, attracting a large following base. She is also the brand ambassador of @girlshelptogether, a Ukrainian support account.

Olia Instagram Feed Image

7) Jen Worman

If you are looking for a travel, fashion, or wellness blog, look no further than Red Soles & Red Wine.  Jen Worman is a mom of two based in Chicago and loves a glass of wine. She has some captivating backdrop images on Instagram and a vibrant fashion style.

Jen Worman Instagram Feed Image

8) Alexis McMullin 

Alexis McMullin is a new mom to her baby boy and daughter; she is based in Chicago but loves spending her time in the Hawaiian sunshine. As a digital creator, her Instagram is filled with vibrant photos of her family. Whether she is surfing in Hawaii or celebrating the arrival of her baby boy, Alexis shares these moments with her devoted followers.

Alexis McMullin Instagram Feed Image

9) Chicago Food Authority

Do you love food but are unsure where to find the best spots in Chicago? Chicago Food Authority covers it whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly patios or kid-friendly restaurants; they have everything you’re looking for. Posts delicious food and provides lists for out-of-towners!

Chicago Food Authority Instagram Feed Image

10) Kelly Larkin

This family-oriented influencer is a full-time mom who writes blogs on home decor, lifestyle, and fashion in Kelly In The City. Kelly Larkin posts insights of her life and captivating photos with her family from the first day of school to birthday parties!

Kelly Larkin Instagram Feed Image

11) Jack White aka Jacky B-Roll

If you like captivating photography and videos, then you should check out Jack White, aka Jacky B-Roll. Jack is a video creator who turned his vlogs into an entrepreneurial journey. He is now the Head Editor at Chicago based Yellow Sky Studios and is an owner of clothing brand, Hoss Company. Jack has filmed some of the biggest events in Chicago and works with tons of professional athletes and influencers. 

Jack White aka Jacky B-Roll Best Chicago videographer and photographer

12) Addie Martanovic

Addie has a love for great design and living a healthy lifestyle. Makes sense considering she is a Community & Engagement Manager for the popular Chicago based healthy meat snacks brand CHOMPS.

Addie Martanovic Instagram Feed Image

13) Megan O’Neill Melle

Megan is a Senior Editor at Parade magazine where she writes about books, shopping, entertainment, and more! We’ve seen the power of Megan’s influence firsthand here at Today’s Business. She once included our client, Tomahawk Shades, in “The Ultimate Stay-Healthy Survival Kit for Flu Season and Coronavirus” and the next day Tomahawk Shades shattered their daily sales record. But Meg isn’t just an editor, she also has an eye for bringing life back to old homes. On her second account on Instagram, This Old Chicago Home, she shows how she restores her Chicago three flat home.

Megan O'Neill Melle Instagram Feed Image

14) Aubre Winters

If you love to workout in style, then this influencer is the ideal one for you. Aubre Winters not only can get you in shape but is also a fantastic chef. Not only does she cook delicious food, but healthy recipes on her second account Bish Bites. YUM!

Aubre Winters Instagram Feed Image

15) Neva Barra

This fitness influencer is not only strong, but a bad ass who has helped many people transform themselves. Neva Barra is a fitness trainer based in Chicago who shares with her followers her clients fitness journey. Not only is she a fitness trainer but she is also a tech consultant by day!

Best Chicago fitness influencer Neva Barra

16) Joe Flamm

Have you ever had Croatian or Italian Food? Well, this full time dad is the Chef and Owner of Rose Mary. A delicious Croatian- Italian Restaurant based in Chicago. Joe Flamm is not only the owner of Rose Mary but was the Winner of Top Chef Season 15!

Joe Flamm Instagram Feed Image

17) Justin Fields

​​​​Justin Fields may very well be the face of the city right now. Justin has a love for football and a powerful arm which make sense considering he is the Chicago Bears QB1.  The 23-year-old is a two-time Graham-George Offensive Player of the year award and his number one fan is his adorable dog UNO who will be watching all of his upcoming games!

Justin Fields Instagram Feed Image

18)  Dana Joelle

Get in losers, we’re going shopping! Next on the list is a content creator who has no fear of wearing pink! Dana Joelle is the owner of The Blockchain Barbie a blog that teaches Millennials and Gen Z’s on Blockchain Technology.  Pinkalicious!!  

Dana Joelle Instagram Feed Image

19) Alyssa Bergamini

If you ever go to Guaranteed Rate field or tune into a White Sox game then you’re going to see the next person on our list, Alyssa Bergamini. Alyssa is the Sports Betting Host & Analyst at 670 The Score. The well-spoken news personality and White Sox In-Game Host makes really cool TikToks that give followers authentic behind-the-scene clips of her job!

Alyssa Bergamini Instagram Feed Image

20) Ian Happ

If you are a Chicago baseball fan, then you likely know this guy!  Ian Happ is one of the best athletes on the Chicago Cubs and is loved by the city of Chicago (unless you’re a White Sox fan). Not only is Happ an outstanding baseball player but he is also the host of The Compound podcast and founder of Connect Roasters, a delicious coffee company that supports local communities.

Ian Happ Instagram Feed Image

21) Joe Sanfilippo

Chicago entrepreneur and influencer, Joe Sanfilippo, posing at Soldier Field

Capping off our list we had to include our very own Director of Growth & Partnerships, Joe Sanfilippo. Joe grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, attended Elmhurst University in the city’s western suburbs, and now lives downtown in the River North area. When it comes to contacts, it’s hard to find anybody more connected in the city of Chicago than Joe. He is making a splash in the city as an entrepreneurial influencer with his company, Undrafted Ventures. Joe has been investing a lot of his time at Undrafted Ventures serving as the COO of Upper Edge Sports (NFL Agency) and the Editor-In-Chief & Director of Commerce for The Guy’s List as well as The Zone Report.

Need Influencer Marketing Services?

As you can see we’ve done our fair share of research when it comes to finding the best Chicago influencers in the digital marketing industry, whether it be a food, fashion, or fitness influencer. If you need a team of influencer marketing experts to help your business succeed online then contact Today’s Business today to chat with an influencer marketing expert!