The 10 Best New York City Influencers

New York City, the city that never sleeps, also known as the Big Apple, is filled with endless shopping, delicious food, and fun nightlife that lasts all night! Need a guide to the city? These 10 influencers can give you a tour of the trendiest and hottest places in the five boroughs!

Today’s Business is a digital marketing agency with deep roots in the New Jersey and New York areas. We started doing influencer marketing back in 2011 and have executed countless influencer marketing activations with many of them taking place in the NYC metro area. Through our years of research and experience, we’ve identified the influencers list below as some of the best content creators and influencers within New York City.

Who are the best New York City Influencers?

1) Alexa Matthews

First on our list is an NYC native and restaurant consultant, Alexa Matthews. Alexa has tasted her way through NYC and she shares her experiences online along with her adorable son, Theodore, who also gets in on the action. Following mom’s footsteps! Alexa has done partnerships with some of the biggest food brands in New York like Milk Bar as well as national brands like Jimmy Dean.

The Best New York City Influencers Alexa Matthews

2) Bridget Helene Bahl

A modern-day Audrey Hepburn influencer who captures captivating pictures of her stylish, chic outfits and travels. Bridget Bahl, newly married, shares her fashion style and snaps of her life with her 881k followers on Instagram.  

Bridget Helene Bahl Top New York City Influencer

3) Denny Balmaceda

Denny Balmaceda has an eye for vintage, rock-roll style. He has been an OG blogger and content creator since 2008 and is the social media director of Seek Now, a vintage clothing brand! Denny wants his followers to know that fashion is short-term, but style lasts.    

Denny Balmaceda New York City Content Creator and influencer

4) Humza Deas

If you want to see New York from a different angle, then this influencer is just the one to follow. Humza Deas photographs New York from different heights, showing the city’s true beauty. Whether it’s photos of the city at sunset or 50ft high, Humza captures it all!

Humza Deas Instagram influencer in new york city

5) Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York, documents random people’s lives through photos. Each person he posts about has a different story; his followers can have an insight into their daily activities, love, and struggle in New York. He has also created a New York Times #1 best-seller book about his work.

Brandon Stanton Humans of New York influencer

6) Sai De Silva

Whether she is showing off the latest fashion trends or posing effortlessly, this influencer keeps her followers on their toes. Sai De Silva is a fashionista and a full-time mom to her two kids. She posts regularly on her TikTok and Youtube account about her fashion looks.

Sai De Silva Instagram Feed

7) Liz Eswein

If you have a passion for photography, this influencer is perfect for you. Liz Eswein is not only a fantastic photographer who captures vivid and unique photos of the city but is also the co-founder of NYON, a New York City clothing brand!

Liz Eswein Instagram Feed

8)  Naomi Davis

This urban family is full of laughter and cuddles; Naomi Davis is a mom of 5! This full-time mom shows her followers how she raises her kids and the adventures they take. She is also the author of “A Coat of Yellow Paint.”   


Naomi Davis Instagram Feed

9)  Davis Burleson

This millennial has risen in fame on TikTok for hosting the popular show What’s Poppin? With Davis. Davis Burleson documents his daily life activities with his 470k followers on TikTok, whether it’s fashion fits or movie premiere vlogs!

Davis Burleson Instagram Feed

10)  Audrey Peters

If you are interested in getting the latest scoop on fashion trends in NYC then you have to follow Audrey Peters! Audrey has risen in popularity on TikTok for her openness to her plastic surgery journey, documenting her daily activities, and get ready with me videos!          

Audrey Peters Instagram Feed

Need Influencer Marketing Services in NYC?

As you can see we’ve done our fair share of research when it comes to finding the best New York City influencers in the industry, including food and fashion influencers. If you need a team of influencer marketing experts to help your business succeed online then contact Today’s Business today to chat with an influencer marketing expert!