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The Secret Behind the Best Instagram Captions

In a society driven by social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, the things we post are woven into the very fabric of who we are. In an odd way, there is a subconscious worth placed on us depending on how much attention we receive on these platforms, with Instagram being the most important. […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business 1. Social Media connects you with your audience. Times are changing and the world of advertising is going digital. Social media has expanded its influence way beyond a Facebook or Instagram account. It’s not just a page anymore. It’s an interaction with a potential customer and a conversation we […]

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Social Media Listening: Why Your Business Needs It

Social Media has become essential for businesses, making real-time engagement extremely vital. So, why not take advantage of social media listening? It not only provides insight on your customers, but allows you to develop a strong brand reputation, outperform competitors, and drive strategic decisions. Is your business struggling with creating engagement and building a strong […]

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Physical Therapy Company Year Over Year Social Media Growth


5 Things You Don’t Know about Facebook

Stay in the loop with Facebook’s constantly changing environment! Typically, once you finally get comfortable with one change Facebook makes, they are switching it up and adding new things leaving you behind in a scramble, constantly trying to learn. 1. GIFs Direct Facebook has finally created the possibility to directly upload GIFs. It’s about time, […]

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Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog Epidemic

There have been many different takes on Snapchat’s recent Dancing Hot Dog frenzy. Some articles even goes as far to say the poor hot dog is hiding all of its fear, anxiety, and stress behind the happy break dancing facade. Let’s take a look at just how this little animated hot dog earned a spot […]


Changing Social Media Platforms for the Better

There is a continuous debate on whether change is for better or worse. In the cases of some of your favorite social media platforms (Twitter & Instagram), it is definitely for the better! These social platforms are constantly creating new features and updates for users to keep their users active on the platform. So how […]

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5 Brands with Awesome Social Media Strategies

Social media is a great way to both engage with and market to consumers. No matter what your favorite social media platform is, there is a way to capitalize on the channel’s success to bring awareness to your business. From great engagement with their customers to amazing ads, below are 5 brands that we believe […]

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The Constant Battle Between Snapchat and Instagram

Over the past few years, Facebook and Instagram have been looking for the best way to catch-up with Snapchat’s ingenious platform. From being able to send pictures that disappear to creating an almost live stream of the user’s day, Snapchat has become a big player in the social media realm. After trying to buy out […]

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Which Social Platform is Best for Your Practice?

There are many different reasons why medical groups should be taking advantage of digital advertising — specifically, social media. With the number of users growing on these platforms daily, patients are finding new avenues to contact doctors. Social media also gives the opportunity for practices to increase their brand awareness while sharing important (and factually correct) […]

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7 Stats About the Top Social Networks for Medical Practices

Let’s be real – social media is slowly starting to run the world. It holds an enormous amount of power over your brand and perception within the healthcare community. Some of the best patient feedback comes in through Facebook and Twitter, where you can connect with your patients on a new, more personable level. Think […]

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A Facebook Marketing Case Study for a Non-Profit Organization

Let’s Talk About Your Digital Marketing Strategy