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Reach Your Target Audience With National SEO Strategies That Work

When you’re trying to market your business’ services or products nationally, rather than within your local area, things can feel a bit more complicated. So much of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on location-specific tactics, so what do you do when you are nationally-based? At Today’s Business, we will work with you to create a national SEO strategy that works, using the latest techniques and keeping your goals at the forefront every step of the way.

Our SEO team at Today’s Business has expertise and experience in both local and national SEO. There are several intricacies that need to be considered when a business is attempting to reach a national audience, and we will implement the tactics you need to get there. Make your mark in your industry’s digital world with a national SEO strategy that focuses on what truly matters to your business. When you partner with TB, you’ll experience SEO and digital marketing on an entirely new level.

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Our National SEO Services

Whether you are scaling your business up to reach a wider audience or have operated nationally since your inception, national SEO is the way to go. A national SEO campaign has a core focus of ranking your business at the top of the organic results for precise, high-value keywords related to you. Short-tail keywords like these are more difficult to rank for, as they are more general than keywords localized to a specific area, but at TB, we can get you there. National SEO focuses on taking up search volume and reaching those in other cities or states, meaning that it takes a comprehensive strategy to achieve measurable results. Learn more below about some of the components of a national SEO campaign and how we can bring them to life for your national business.

Advanced Keyword Research

The first step to creating a comprehensive national SEO strategy is to determine what we want to rank for. Keyword research targeted at a single location is more specific. When it comes to national SEO, the keyword research process needs to be scaled out across cities and states to reach your target audience. From there, we will use our keyword research for onsite optimization, content creation, and more, ensuring that your keywords are featured prominently throughout your site to encourage higher rankings.

Content Creation

Content creation is key for all types of businesses, from a restaurant in a small town to a national corporation. Having optimized and relevant content on your site provides your users with inside information about your services, products, and more, while also giving you a chance to incorporate your target keywords throughout. At TB, we create content designed to rank for your target keywords and bring potential customers straight to you.

Site Structure Optimization

When you run a national business and are trying to target people from all over the country, the way you set up your site is crucial. A local business might have a page for each town they serve, while a national business needs to have a more thorough setup of service pages and subpages to target a broader region. As we do for businesses of all types and scales, we will analyze the structure of your site and ensure that it is optimized for prime user flow.

National Link Building

Link building, or gaining relevant, high-authority links to your site, is a key step in earning Google’s trust. When a search engine sees that trustworthy sites are linking to yours, they are more likely to trust your site, leading to jumps in rankings. National link building involves creating relationships with people from all over the country, scaling up a local link building campaign to a new level.

Competitor Analysis

Businesses that operate at a national level are bound to have a lot of competition – they are going up against businesses all over the country, rather than just in their general area. Our SEO team at Today’s Business will conduct a thorough competitor analysis to determine where your business stands in terms of the competition, from monthly traffic to number of backlinks. We will formulate our strategy around the best next steps for you, no matter your industry.

Technical Optimization and Page Speed

The technical performance of your website is crucial for all types of businesses. If your website is slow, glitchy, or not secure, your potential customers are more inclined to leave your site before taking an action, such as scheduling a consultation or making a purchase. At Today’s Business, our SEO and website development teams work together to ensure that your site runs smoothly and quickly on both desktop and mobile. We run monthly technical crawls so that any technical issues that arise can be handled as quickly as possible.

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Reach Your Target Audience at a National Scale with Today’s Business

National SEO has many intricacies that set it apart from local SEO, and at Today’s Business, we help businesses of all sizes and scales thrive in organic search results. No matter what type of services or products you offer, we will create a comprehensive national SEO strategy to reach customers through your target keywords.
At TB, we focus on providing measurable results. SEO results take time, but our monthly reporting structure ensures that you will be kept in the loop on your business’ growth over time in both the short and long term. We will craft a personalized SEO solution with your unique business goals in mind – contact us today to schedule a consultation and take your digital marketing to the next level!

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