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Your True Voice: Authenticity’s Role in E-Commerce

The day has come. You’ve committed to business operations online. But how are you going to make your presence known? How are you going to take potential consumers and turn them into advocates? To get that far, you’re going to need people to believe not just in the products you sell, but also your company’s […]

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Why Should Doctors Monitor Their Online Reputation?

Imagine going online, searching your name and finding people “reviewing” you. It wouldn’t be fun no matter how nice of a person you are. Let’s be real here, not everyone is going to like you. And that’s ok! This reality is something most people do not have to deal with. On the other hand, doctors […]

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The Best Startup Blogs to Follow

Building a startup can be hard, but thankfully many people and companies are willing to share their experiences and insights on what it takes to excel in the world of startup marketing. Blogs are a great way to enhance your knowledge and provide useful insight into the latest happenings in marketing. Keeping a close eye […]

Five Apps to Boost Productivity At Work

Five Apps to Boost Productivity At Work

You have apps to keep in touch with your friends, apps for traveling, so why not download some new apps to help you at work? Whether you’re responsible for communicating with clients, creating custom graphics, or building websites, it is crucial for digital marketing agencies to be organized, productive, and successful. Within our company, we […]

Student Athlete Marketing

Student-Athlete to Marketing Agency

Student athletes know what it takes to be a part of a team. It’s in their nature. But why do student athletes make for model employees? Sports are not just a game; they teach life lessons and prepare young adults for the road ahead. According to the NCAA, there are nearly eight million students participating […]

What Most Digital Marketing Agencies Wont Tell You

What Most Digital Marketing Agencies Won’t Tell You …But We Will

Are you looking to invest in a digital marketing agency, well you have come to the right place then! Digital marketing agencies can be extremely helpful in many ways for getting your business ranked in search engines, however, do not put your fate into someone else’s hands without doing your own research first. Let’s face […]

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8 Minors that Complement Public Relations Majors

The public relations field is known for its endless possibilities. Being that it is very vast, you are not confined to one type of work. Just the switch from agency to in-house can be a whole new world. These many different possible directions can be multiplied through choosing a minor. Adding a minor expands your […]

4 Tools All PR Pros Should Be Using

4 Tools All PR Pros Should Be Using

Help A Reporter Out Image via HARO Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a service represented by Cision. HARO is one of the most popular sourcing services that connects journalists with expert sources in order to meet deadlines while enabling brands to tell their stories. An email of about 40 queries is sent to subscribers […]

How to be a Successful Account Manager

How to be a Successful Account Manager

If you have a passion for people, being around them and learning and helping them, then the Account Manager position may be for you. Being an Account Manager allows you to work with individuals and improve their businesses every single day. To succeed as an Account Manager, you must balance the needs of the customer […]

Marketing Madness March Madness and the Marketing World

Marketing Madness: March Madness and the Marketing World

The Super Bowl has met a contender when it comes to dominating the media for a sporting event. It’s that time of the month for the NCAA March Madness Tournament. It’s only fitting that at the same time, it’s marketing madness. March Madness advertisers spent close to $1.2 billion last year alone, making it a […]

Know Your PR Jargon

Know Your PR Jargon

If you’re unfamiliar with PR jargon, chances are you have no idea what this blog post is even about. Well if you’re in any way involved in the public relations industry, you’ve come to the right place either way.  Let’s start off with the basics. Jargon – Special words or expressions that are used within […]

An Account Managers Guide to Organization

An Account Manager’s Guide to Organization

Account Managers are a company’s direct contact for clients and liaison between them and the rest of their company. Whether its gathering information for a client’s website or juggling requests for the graphic designers, the account manager must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and know how to meet the demands of the […]

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