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The Best NYC Influencers Alexa Matthew

The 10 Best New York City Influencers

Through our years of research and experience, we’ve identified the influencers in this list as some of the best content creators and influencers within New York City.

Alyssa Fagien Atlanta Influencer

The 10 Best Atlanta Influencers

If you are trying to find some of the best influencers in the Atlanta area then you are in the right spot!

The Best Chicago Influencers Featured Image

The 21 Best Chicago Influencers

Looking for the best influencers in Chicago? We got you covered with our top 21 list.

InfluencerMarketing CaseStudy KetoScience TheChallengeImage

Using Influencer Marketing to Improve Retail Relationships

Keto Science is one of the premier keto supplement brands on the market. They offer 9 incredible products…

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#ChompsPepperoniTurkeyChallenge Influencer Marketing Case Study

Learn how Today’s Business helped CHOMPS launch their new Pepperoni Turkey flavor using influencer marketing.

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Celebrity Goat Influencer Marketing Campaign Case Study

Celebrity Goat is a goat cheese brand which sells premium goat cheese variations throughout the United States and Canada at retailers like CostCo, H-E-B, Foodtown, ACME, & more.

FOCO Q4 Campaign Cover

Award-Winning Athlete Marketing Case Study: Using NFL Athletes to Create National Brand Awareness & a 369% Sales Lift

Learn about the influencer marketing campaign that created a huge year over year sales lift and won the NFL’s Innovation Award for “forward-thinking social marketing campaigns”. Today’s Business also won the 16th Annual Davey Awards Gold Award for this campaign!

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Butcher Box Big Game Bundle Influencer Marketing Campaign

Butcher Box is a direct to consumer subscription service that delivers extremely high-quality meats directly to your doorstep. Butcher Box invests heavily across almost all marketing and advertising channels. They particularly have strong investments in the affiliate, influencer, and podcasting channels working with major players like Joe Rogan, Morning Brew & Colin Cowherd. Butcher Box engaged with Today’s Business in the latter half of 2020 to help them explore new affiliate content partnerships.

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Vegan Cheese Company Utilizes TB Influence to grow brand awareness in the USA

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