How a New App Can Help Doctors Save Lives

One of my closest friends is currently going to medical school at NYU to become an Orthopedic Specialist in the Sports Medicine field. After hours and hours of reading from a textbook, the [...]

Facebook for Foodies

Want to spice it up in the kitchen? You don’t need a recipe book or have to sit in front of the TV and follow the Food Network for inspiration! As you’re scrolling through your Facebook [...]

How Social Media Raises Medical Awareness

How Social Media is Changing the Way We Increase Awareness In a world where social media saturates our everyday perception of reality, some of us question the significance of Facebook statuses, [...]

3 Reasons Why Facebook Rejected Your Ad

Facebook is an excellent platform to run advertisements for your business. With over 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1.1 billion daily active users on Facebook, there is no good [...]

7 Instagram Accounts That Will Enrich Your Life

Disclaimer: while I truly believe following these accounts will drastically change your life, this is completely based on my OPINION. No facts whatsoever. But if it helps make my case, I do spend [...]

The Impact of SEO on an Orthopedic Practice

Executive Summary: Right now, potential patients in your area are searching online for an orthopedic practice. The proper SEO techniques are necessary in order for a practice to gain visibility [...]

4 Ways Orthopedic Surgeons Can Be Successful on Social Media

How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign Social media can be a scary place for the medical universe. However, social media platforms are the perfect spot for doctors to connect with [...]

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